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S & C Plumbing Services mini digger is ideal for those smaller jobs that still require heavy machinery, like trenching.

This smaller machine is also much lighter to use, making it ideal for backyard work, as it will not cause as much damage to your lawns or existing installations. It also has rubber tracks, making it much more pathway friendly, as it won’t leave permanent marks on the driveway.

We take pains to know all the details particular to your excavation and needs, resulting in lower operating costs and less downtime.

New home? Adding an extension? Renovating? We get your job under way quickly, done safely and properly the first time.

Trenching can be tricky, frustratingly close to buildings, or just a back-breaking job you really don’t need. Trust us to remove your pain.

We can fit down the side of your house or business – we only need a fraction under one metre clear width.

Call us for any excavator with an experienced operator to economically replace back-breaking shovel work.

You can count on S & C Plumbing Services any day!

  • Free friendly advice
  • Local owner-operated small business
  • Estimates on all your earthwork needs
  • Variable bucket width for more accuracy
  • Quality service and customer satisfaction