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Blocked Drains including Storm water and sewage problems

Blocked Drains

S&C Plumbing services vehicle is equipped with drain cleaning equipment, capable of clearing blocked sewers, septic and storm water lines.

Blocked drain clearing service include:

  • A kitchen sink overflowing
  • Blocked gutters down pipes storm water and sewer blockages
  • Blocked bathtub and shower drains sinks and toilets
  • Septic systems

Blocked drains are generally caused by tree roots, faulty joints,broken pipes or foreign objects that have entered the lines.
If drains continually block or if due to the condition of the line it cannot be cleared, we will be able to view the line with the CCTV drain camera which we have on board our vehicle.

We also have on board a high-pressure water jet for sewer, septic, and household plumbing blockages.

Some blocked drains will unblock with the utilisation of a handheld rod only, but if you do manage to remove a blockage yourself, it is still a good idea to get a plumber to inspect the drain as there may be an underlying problem causing the blockage.

Storm Water

S & C Plumbing services offer storm water plumbing services including removing blockages, repairing storm water drains and full installation of drainage systems. Storm water is the water that slips off your roofs and land and enters the drain. S&C Plumbing Services provides regular maintenance and repairs for your drains.

Storm water service include :

  • Installation of storm water drains infiltration trenches and soak wells.
  • Removal of debris and blockages from storm water drains and down-pipes.
  • Maintenance of storm water drainage systems.

Sewage Problems

House sewer lines basically have only two types of different destinations. The vast majority of homes inside towns, cities, and developed areas are connected to a public sewer system. In obscure areas, out of the way places, or for relatively inaccessible lots, septic systems may still be utilised. A septic system is essentially a private waste water treatment system. It is one in which there is one owner, and all the cost of maintaining the system is absorbed by that one owner.

S&C Plumbing services include:

  • Removal sewer blockages
  • Compliance reports
  • Geo-technical reports
  • Repairs for blockages and septic problems

S&C Plumbing services septic system services cover all on-site sewage management systems, including traditional septic tanks, pump-outs, composting toilets and aerated septic systems.